“Queerest and Dearest was incredibly transformative for me. As someone who attends a non-affirming church, it was very powerful and validating to be in fellowship with other LGBTQ+ followers of Christ and their families. As a city dweller, I also appreciated the opportunity to be in creation and worship joyfully outdoors in ways that welcomed the participation of my child and other campers of all ages! It was also a unique chance to authentically share the Good News with campers who weren’t from faith backgrounds, or who’d had a lapse in their spiritual practice. This space was wonderful and nurturing for those who have been rejected because of who they are, or who've experienced spiritual abuse.”

— Bunny, age 29


“I want to go back to camp!”

- Viv, camper, age 4, about once a week, according to their parent


“My kids are still all talking about it. Bex was so proud to share with his dad how he told HIS story. He has this sense of pride over his transition story now. This was a week that my kids and I needed. A week to be around new friends, no secrets about Bex’s transition. Sharing love for our Heavenly Father. And a sense that we belong somewhere and were safe to be us.”

— Kutrina, parent of 3


“Camp was a beautiful experience. My child felt able to be fully, openly herself without fear, in an environment of love and celebration of diversity, and full of open-hearted role models. We made friends who continue to be part of our everyday lives. My child’s first experience of religion formed what I hope is an unshakable sense that god loves her exactly as she is.”

- Parent to a trans child